Parks & Recreation


Manistique’s Central Park has been called the jewel of the Emerald City. Recently renovated, Central Park is home to much of the parks and Recreation Department activities. Central Park is home to Little Bear West, a multi-purpose facility used for a variety of events such as Rec Shows, Wedding receptions, and Farmers markets, in the summer months, to a busy Hockey and ice arena from October through March.

Central Park is home to Manistique’s Quarry lake, with a 1/2 mile walking path around it, a band shell with summer concerts every Wednesday evening, Soccer, Little, Minor and Senior League Baseball fields, a sledding hill, full tennis and basketball courts, an archery range, and also shares a horse riding arena with the Schoolcraft County Fair. Kids love to spend the day at Lighthouse Clubhouse, a wooden clubhouse full of excitement and things to explore!

Beth & Emily Aldrich enjoy a jog around Central Park’s Quarry Lake.


Manistique Marina:

Located at the south end of Cedar Street the marina is on the Manistique River. The Manistique Harbor is the only Port that remains open year round. The marina has a full playground for children, several boating slips available for rent by the day, week, month, or season. Boaters also enjoy the use of full restroom and shower facilities, as well as electrical and water hookups. Fuel can also be purchased. Tourists and locals gather there each Fourth of July, as the fireworks are displayed over the Harbor.

Intake Park:

Intake park is located at the North end of the City on Intake Park Road. Named for it’s “Intake” of the City Water Distribution System from the Indian River, Intake Park is a State of Michigan Official Trailhead and gateway to the awesome Snowmobile and ORV trails which lead enthusiasts to any destination in Michigan’s Upper Penninsula! With ample parking for several vehicles, even overnight trips can start out at this trailhead. In addition to some pretty good fishing throughout the summer, there are a few grills and picnic tables along the river banks. Hikers also like this area as the trails double as gateways to some great back woods hiking!

Carl D. Bradley Memorial Park — formerly Lakeview Park, Boardwalk Beach:

Three parks lie along the majestic shores of Lake Michigan. Lakeview Park, Boardwalk Beach, and a connecting parking area to the east round out the Manistique Boardwalk, which takes walkers on a breathtaking walk along the big Lake. Starting at the City Marina, and going east, walkers pass by the Manistique River Fishing Pier, and get a great view of the Manistique Harbor. An iconic symbol of Manistique walkers can’t help but see the famous Manistique East Breakwater Lighthouse. The familiar Red Lighthouse is an important navigational beacon to the shipping industry on the great lakes. Walkers will be lured out to the East break water where you can walk all the way out to the lighthouse for an up close and personal view. Walking on the breakwall is prohibited in windy and wavy conditions. Swimmers should always use extreme caution when swimming near the breakwall as rip tides are present even on a clear sunny day!

Continung east on the boardwalk will take you through an amazing array of colors and smells as you pass along a natural wild flower area. Carl D. Bradley Memorial Park comes into view next. The Memorial, was dedicated in 2014 to the Great Lakes Freighter Carl D. Bradley, which sank in a November 18th, 1958 storm with only two survivors from its 35 man crew. As you continue east, along the lake it gives one time to forget about the worries of the moment and take in some of the most beautiful surroundings anywhere. In addition to all of that, a walk along the boardwalk is just plain healthy!

Blanchard Park:

Formerly the playground of Lincoln School, the playground area was donated to the City of Manistique by the Blanchard Family. It boasts swing sets, merry-go-rounds, slides, monkey bars, and more!

Triangle Park:

Triangle Park is located at the south end of Cedar Street across the street from the Post Office. Known for it’s shady Dutch Elm trees on a hot summer day, shoppers from the downtown can relax in the area, where benches are provided. In June the fragrance of Lilac comes alive as one border of the park is lillac shrubs. At Christmas time, the park is changed to a Christmas wonderland, as the Public Safety Department presents it’s annual gift to the community with an animated display of Santa’s Workshop.

Five Points Park:

Five Points park is at the north end of Cedar Street. Mostly known for the Community Chistmas tree, the park is also a place to sit and relax while walking. Many people use this as the half way point when walking “the loop”. It is in the forefront of the Manistique Middle and High School, and is home to the “Big M” the Manistique Emerald’s school Mascot. Each spring the “M” is planted with a variety of flowers that continue to bloom until late fall. For a few weeks in October and November, the park undergoes a vibrant color change with the fall leaves. Then, on the day after Thanksgiving, the park is traditionally lit with the colors of Christmas, and the City’s official Christmas tree

Denton Nelson Ballpark:

Located at the corner of West Elk Street and 5th Street, The Denton Nelson Ballpark is primarily a baseball park on the City’s West side. It is complete with swings, slides and other playground equipment.