City Boards & Committees

NOTICE FROM THE CITY CLERKS OFFICE! Some of the Boards and Commissions listed below have openings, if you are interested in serving on one of these boards contact the Clerks Office.  


Meetings Held at City Hall 2:30PM on the Third Tuesday of the Month.

Dick Ketcik                             term exp:  12/31/17
Sheila Aldrich                                             non exp
Bill Hentschell                                           12/31/20 
Ted Hentschell                                          12/31/18 
David Muxlow                                           12/31/18
Mark Larche                                              12/31/20 
Bill Hoholik                                                12/31/17
Jan Jeffcott                                                 12/31/17  
Tom Broullire                                            12/31/17

2017 Meeting Dates are as follows:

Tuesday January 17, 2017
Tuesday February 21, 2017 
Tuesday March 21, 2017
Tuesday April 18, 2017
Tuesday May 16, 2017
Tuesday June 20, 2017 
Tuesday July 18, 2017
Tuesday August 15, 2017
Tuesday September 19, 2017 
Tuesday October 17, 2017
Tuesday November 21, 2017
Tuesday December 19, 2017  

Manistique Recreation Board: 5 MEMBERS 2 YR TERMS STAGGERED

Meetings Held at City Hall 6:30PM on the First Monday of the Month.

Kristi King, Recreation Director
Michael Powers, Chairperson         Term exp:  12/31/17
Craig Savage, Vice Chairperson                          12/31/18
Allan Ott                                                                  12/31/17 
David Ozanich                                                        12/31/17
Doug Smith                                                             12/31/18 
Alternates:      Paul Walker                                    12/31/17
                          Devin Lawrence                            12/31/18
                          Brian Marks                                   12/31/18
                          Eric Sherbinow                              12/31/18

Manistique City Planning and Zoning Commission: 5 MEMBERS 3 YR TERMS STAGGERED

Meetings held on the last Wednesday on the month at 5:15PM

Jan Jeffcott                           Term exp:    12/31/19 
Michelle Earle                                           12/31/18
Liz Hill                                                         12/31/17 
Allan Ott                                                     12/31/16
Janet Helmbold                                         12/31/19
Alternates:     Kimberly Hampton          12/31/19

Zoning Board of Appeals: 3 MEMBERS 3 YR TERMS STAGGERED

Barbara Pollis              Term exp:       12/31/19
Michele Earle                                        12/31/17 
Richard Hollister                                   12/31/18

Senior Citizen’s Center Board:

Mary Burns
Pam Beaudre
Mary LaFleur
Ray Nelson
Jean Louis
Edith Green
Rosemary Sablack
Jean Anthony
Sally Schuetter
Chris Rantanen  

Manistique Housing Commission: 400 E Lakeshore Drive, Manistique, MI  49854

Meetings held on the Second Wednesday of the month at 10:30AM at Harborview Towers Community Room

Kathleen Schuetter, Executive Director
Therese Schalm
Commissioner-Chairperson Lynn Giles
Commissioner-Vice Chairperson Anna Sjogren
Commissioner Jack MacFarland
Commissioner Roger Irie, Commissioner