City Administration – Greetings from Mayor & City Manager

Greetings From the Mayor

As Mayor, and on behalf of the Manistique City Council and city staff, it is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to the City of Manistique’s official website! Like our community itself, this website is continually expanding and evolving. Whether you are a current Manistique resident, interested in moving to Manistique, or starting, relocating, or growing a business here, this site will provide you with a wealth of information and interactive services to meet your needs.  

Periodically, the Manistique City Council, and The Downtown District Authority, review our vision for Manistique’s future and, with citizen input, adopt goals and priorities for our community. In January 2018, the city council affirmed our vision statement for the City of Manistique.  The city council passed a resolution to become a Redevelopment Ready Community.

 By doing so, we will be adopting a new master plan which will guide the future development and redevelopment of the city.  The city will continue to create a climate which encourages investment. It will progress by participation in the RRC program through the streamlining of our planning and development process for the benefit of all.

If you are a virtual visitor, I invite you to come to Manistique soon and experience the flavor and the benefits of an authentic Upper Peninsula community.  Our community features abundant natural beauty, including a beautiful boardwalk along our lakefront, a new state-of-the-art campground, and the splendor of Big Springs Kitch-iti-kipi, Michigan’s largest spring.  You will witness 16,000 gallons of crystal clear water flowing from under the spring each minute while riding the raft across more than 200’ the cleanest water you will ever see.

As Mayor, it is my pleasure to serve this community we all love so much.  I cannot say enough about the great people, friendly businesses, and beautiful outdoor recreational opportunities the Manistique area has to offer.  Please visit us in person.  Meanwhile, I believe you will find this City of Manistique website to be user-friendly and useful. Thank you for visiting and come back soon!

Michael R. Perilloux


Greetings from the City Manager

Welcome to the City of Manistique!

We at the City of Manistique are pleased to present you with this new website. We hope that the site will help us to serve you better, with all it has to offer. I am happy to discuss with anyone any concerns they have regarding the City and encourage you to contact me with those concerns.

Sheila Aldrich, City Manager



Welcome to the City of Manistique!

The Manistique City Council                                Term Exp

Honorable Mayor, Mike Perilloux                                  12/31/2022

Councilperson, Kimberly Shiner, Mayor Pro Tem      12/31/2020

Councilperson, Paul Walker                                            12/31/2019

Councilperson, Richard Hollister                                   12/31/2020

Councilperson, Katherine Rohde                                    12/31/2022

City Attorney, Bruce Plackowski


Council has five (5) members with staggered 4 year terms


Other City Administrators:

Janell Irie, City Clerk (906) 341-2290

Kenneth C. Golat, Director of Public Safety (906) 341-2134

Nicholas B. Bosanic, Superintendent of Public Works (906) 341-5346

Corey J. Barr, Superintendent of Water & Wastewater systems (906) 341-2281